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Olive Wood Utensils

The Timeless Elegance of Mediterranean Craftsmanship

Olive Wood: A Noble and Durable Wood That Stands the Test of Time

Olive wood, native to the Mediterranean climate, is renowned for its durability and longevity. This tree, with its knotty trunk and brown bark, can grow to heights of 15 to 20 meters and can live for over 2000 years in its natural habitat, making it one of the longest-living trees alongside yews.

A Rich History and Artistic Potential

Dating back more than 10,000 years, olive trees have been a symbol of strength and vitality. Their domestication started around 3500 BC. Full of symbolism and meaning, olive wood has been naturally chosen for various ornaments and artisanal objects. Our artisans have harnessed its robustness, resistance, and ornamental potential due to its knotty veins, offering a refined character to each piece. Our creations benefit from the best natural techniques that preserve the very essence of this wood. We have crafted our products to showcase the full potential of this unique raw material while preserving its natural state, ensuring environmental respect and sustainability.

Practical, Durable, and Beautiful Accessories

More resilient than beech, olive wood is denser and offers numerous advantages for the creation of utensils and containers. Our experience and specialized expertise in working with this wood reveal utensils and containers of unparalleled quality. The woods are carefully selected for their elegant grains and hand-turned by artisans, transforming them into true works of art for your kitchens and other home spaces. Display these unique pieces in your home with elegance and authenticity. Their numerous antibacterial and aesthetic properties will fill your kitchen and living room with warmth. You will find a wide range of utensils and containers that meet your expectations, easy to maintain and excellent investments. These are not just utensils; they are timeless artifacts, defying the tests of time.

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