Olive Wood

Olive wood, a noble and solid wood that defies time

For millennia, Olivewood has remained a wood of great cultural and religious importance. 

Found in the Mediterranean Basin — from Portugal to the Levant, and the Arabian Peninsula — and Southern Asia, as far east as China, the Olive tree grows as a small evergreen tree or shrub. The color and grain pattern typically vary, but it almost always has stunning features like figuring or areas with magnificent burling qualities. Olive wood is considered very durable wood and hence excellent to make utensils out of.

It's also evident how highly valued Olivewoods have been throughout history; many cultures - including Greeks & Romans- had great esteem towards this exquisite natural resource because they knew just what kind of choices could be made from these various shades available at their disposal!


Olivewood.us creates accessories and tools that are strong, practical, and sustainable. Our goal is to create pieces that are used for generations without the need to replace them with something new every few years. We use olive wood because it's a durable natural resource- producing trees grow quickly in the Mediterranean climates where olives are grown naturally up into their hundredth year of life. 


With Olivewood you have;

• Durable natural resource

• Doesn't require frequent replacement

• Promotes sustainable practice in the kitchen

• Looks beautiful on your counter or tabletop

• Holds up well for generations

• 100% natural

• Hand-made by skilled artisans

• Stronger than normal wood


You can display these unique pieces in your lounge with elegance and authenticity. The many antibacterial and aesthetic properties of these pieces will fill your kitchen and living room with warmth. You will have a wide choice of utensils and containers that meet your expectations. Very easy to maintain, they are excellent investments. They are real utensils defying the tests of time. Browse our shop to see what gorgeous items we have ready for you now.

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