Olive Wood Rustic bowl 12 cm

Olive Wood Rustic bowl 12 cm

Olive Wood Salad Bowl



This olive wood bowl is made from a single piece that looks very adorable. You can use it in the kitchen or for decorative purposes. It has a very smooth surface with a cute bowl shape. It has premium color and a shiny inner. Simple and safe to use for soup, curry, and your favorite gravy.

This is the perfect olive wood bowl for the kitchen.

A classic piece of modern and ancient crockery. It has very fine material and provides good usage. It is safe from any harmful chemicals and paint. A pure and natural product that makes you happy on the dining table. Also, improve the healthy lifestyle naturally.

Maintenance tip:

- Clean with a sponge and neutral washing-up liquid and wipe immediately with a dry cloth. Do not leave to soak.

- Do not put it in the dishwasher.

- Oil carefully from time to time with a soft cloth with rapeseed or peanut or linseed oil to nourish the wood and prolong its life.

- Do not leave the salad bowl near a hot spring, as this could burn the wood.

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