Pcs olive wood honey spoon

Pcs olive wood honey spoon

This spoon is specially designed for tasting honey thanks to its delicately sculpted grooves for a fine and refined service.



An olive wooden honey spoon for delicious daily breakfast and evening tea. The perfectly sculpted groovy design makes an elegant finish. It will be the perfect spoon for applying honey to bread and cakes.

This is the perfect olive wood honey spoon for daily breakfast.

The honey spoon is made from natural olive wood. It is perfect for daily usage and preparing your favorite sweet dish. Olive wood has multiple benefits including an antibacterial nature. It will help you to put the right amount of honey and never waste it. The olive wood honey spoon is easily put in any jar for perfect usage.

Maintenance tip:

- Clean with a sponge and neutral washing-up liquid and wipe immediately with a dry cloth. Do not leave to soak.

- Do not put it in the dishwasher.

- Oil carefully from time to time with a soft cloth with rapeseed or peanut or linseed oil to nourish the wood and prolong its life.

- Do not leave near a hot spring, as this could burn the wood.

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